Re-leveling Device


The viscosity of hydraulic fluid is frequently changed by changing air temperature according to each season, loading capacity of elevator, and size of the cylinder. At this point, if hydraulic fluid contracts or large force (heavy load) is applied, the car will fall into. Then it does not be restored. In other words, the horizontl level of the car bottom and the bottom of the floor is broken.

At this time, the re-leveling device operates for a floor leveling.

In particular, when a car with loaded heavy weight such as folk-lift enters to elevator, the elevator falls down and folk-lift cannot be passed raised sopt, which is caused by off-balanced horizontal level of elevator. At this time, the re-leveling device restores the horizontal level of the elevator bottom and bottom of the floor immediately to supply hydraulic fluid to cylinder.



① Extend of control magnet lift

② Energy saving

③ Main motor burnout prevention and life extension

④ Limit of hydraulic oil temperature rise protection

⑤ faster leveling