Bucher iValve

Chracteristics of iValve


1. No modifications of the travel curve or mechanical adjustments are necessary.

2. Constantly short travel times, regardless of loading and temperature.

3. Constant levelling accuracy of ± 3 mm, which prevents dangerous tripping accidents.

4. Self-monitoring function guarantees
fully integrated A3 conformity (TÜV approved)

5. Pleasant acceleration and slowdown thanks to an electronically controlled travel curve Soft-stop function for smooth approach and entry.

Qmax = 500 l/min, Pmax = 80 bar
Leak-free, two-stage, electronically controlled, without frequency control


The iValve lift-control valve is an electronically controlled hydraulic valve block for controlling hydraulic lifts. The iValve is situated on the hydraulic power unit and activated by the lift control system. Electronic control is accomplished by an electronic unit – the iCon – that is housed in the control cabinet. At standstill, the weight of the lift is supported by a check valve integrated in the iValve. In operation, the elec­tronic controller regulates the states “Travel UP” and “Travel DOWN”, and the transitions  between these states. In the electronic unit, the travel is represented in a form known astravel curves. During operation, the travel curves for that particular lift are optimised by the learning algorithm “iTeach”.

In addition, the valve block includes the following functions and components: a hand pump with manual emergency lowering (with piston-creep prevention), a ball valve, a pressure gauge, a pressure sensor with up to two pressure switches, speed monitoring, a temperature sensor, an emergency stop DOWN valve (UCM/A3) in ac­cordance with EN 81-2 + A3.