Submersible Motor 


Submersible motor is combined with screw pump to generate hydraulic pressure in the tank. The hydraulic motor is also withstand the heat of hot fluid in order to avoid burning out of motor and has not to be damaged or polluted by debris.

Therefore, choosing foregoing kind of motor is good for not only operation but also maintenance and fix.

Submersible motor for elevator is three-phrase, two-pole, and two-pole single phase, and capacity is 2.2 kW to 92 kW and produce and supply 16 kind of motors to all of the world.





Hydraulic Motor Starting and the Rated Current Data

 1. The motor is a two-pole and 60 Hz

2. Should be added to multiply approximately 3.2 when the organization started.

3. The motor operates in the temperature of hydraulic oil at 45°C.