Pressure Switch 


1. Purpose and Operating Principle


Pressure switch is designed for preventing down travel when elevator is over loaded. Pressure switch switches to the adjustment pressure circuit acts as an electrical switch. Then it is controlled by motor pump and pressure flow of valve.

Piston rod action is delivered to micro switch when internal piston rod is affected by the force, which is generated from pushing spring, when the already adjusted pressure pipeline's pressure is increased.

When it reaches at the adjusted pressure, micro switch immediately perates. Then when it reaches at the restored pressure, it goes back to its position.


2. Type

+ High pressure switch (Type 180/100): operating range: 10 ~ 100 bar

The operating pressure of switch is adjusted by screw (pos1) and rotate clockwise is for higher prssure and counter-clockwise is for lower pressure.

+ Low pressure switch (Type 180/100): operating range: 5 ~ 50 bar

The switch is factory set by 7.5 bar and when pressure increases switch will operate.

Clockwise is for higher pressure and counter-clockwise is for lower pressure.


3. Etc.

+ Euro connection: PT 1/4˝

+ Electrical connection: Disassemble the plug and plug cover then loosen the screw.

+ Maximum use capacity: 4 A / 25 V

+ Connection wire: 0 .75