Rupture Valve


1. Description


The rupture valve is directly connected to cylinder oil inlet. If speed of elevator is rapidly accelerating by breaking main cylinder pipeline, elevator stops softly by rupture valve. The closed rupture valve (elevator states stop) will automatically open when elevator is traveling to upward direction. In order to set alarm when valve is closed, may use the attached eletrical switch device (ES: optional).

2. Basic Specifications and Model

3. Use of Rupture Valve


Rupture valve is installed between hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pipeline. The rupeture valve is to prevent falling of hydraulic elevator by automatically shutting off hydraulic flow when oil flow is higher than its set value by damaging pipeline or others.


Only qualified person should service hydraulic valves. Unathorized manipulation may result in injury or damage to equipment. Prior to servicing internal parts, ensure that the electrical power is switched off and residual pressure in the system is reduced to zero.



DK : For twin cylinder system the connecting of pilot port DK ensures that both rupture valves close almost simultaneously.

ES : The rupture valve can be fitted with an electrical limit switch ES which is actuated when the valve closes and serves to initiate a warning signal or to shut down the elevator.



‘Closing flow' adjustment #1. By screwing inwards, the valve closes with increased oil flow. Deceleration is less than 1 g and for safety reasons is a non-adjustable, built in feature of the rupture valve.


Warning! Rupture valve operates at the same time by connecting pipe to each cylinder to the connecting port of rupture valve if two cylinders are installed. Connect to cylinder oil inlet. Cylinder is Z and side of hose and unit is T.


4. Testing Rupture Valve


Must test with loaded elevator to check whether the valve is opening or not between rated speed 0.3 m/sec (60 fpm) and rated down speed of elevator.

The rupture valve will be closed after few seconds if descent flow is approximately equal to adjusted closed flux.

The rupture valve will be closed within 1~2 seconds if descent flow is completely bigger than adjusted closed flux.


Rapid Descent Test


Adjusting control valve to going down 1.4 times faster than elevator's regulatory speed is same as testing 1.4 times faster oil flow rate.


5. Discharge Volume Control Range according to the Structure and Specifications