Blain Control Valve


+ Control Valve Adjustment Preparatory Work


1. Part name: Numbers and alphabet is marked with speed graph on front of the control valve.


    → Green part is adjusting car's up direction.

    → Red part is adjusting car's down direction only.


2. It is effective to adjust when viscosity of oil is low. In other words, adjust with driving the unloaded car when temperature of oil is low (cold).


3. The tools for adjusting the valve: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm Allan key,  spanner (17mm


4. It is more effective to adjust the valve sequentially following by adjustments' number.


5. Up traveling adjustment does not effect to down traveling.

    Down traveling adjustment does not effect to up traveling.


6. It is effective to adjust one direction (up or down) first completely then adjust another.

    (Adjust down traveling first and up traveling after is recommended for valve adjsutment).


+ Additional Safety Devices and Subsidiary Equipments


(1) Pressure Switch

(2) Oil Heater
(3) Re-leveling Device

(4) Rupture Valve
(5) Hand Pump
(6) Pressure Lock Valve



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Operation and Configuration of the Solenoid
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Trouble Shooting (up travel, down travel)
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