Cylinder Instruction Manual






+ This product cannot be used for any purpose other than hydraulic elevators.
+ Since the maximum operating pressure of 75kg/㎠, please use this product while checking the pressure gauge on the hydraulic unit from being delivered more pressure.
+ Because heavy, attention to safety during loading/unloading or installation.

   Please do not drop or apply excessive force to deal with.

   Such equipment (folk lifts, winches, chain blocks) is recommended to use.



Check before Use


+ Please confirm once more that the cylinder is installed in the forward perpendicular.

+ Please confirm once more that the middle part of the cylinder-fixed-belt is securely installed.

+ Ensure a robust conclusion of the lower end of the cylinder inlet piping to the oil.


Caution! Be careful when tightening, the piping debris being introduced.

+ Check for oil leaks on the high-pressure-hose part or pipeline.

+ Make sure that foreign object in the cylinder head area.



Test Drive


1. First, loosen the air valve, then putting oil little by little into the cylinder in manual operation (low speed).

2. Deflate air valve until hydraulic fluid comes out, then locks the air valve again.
3. Manually operating slowly until cylinder is completely come out.

    Must check for any abnormality while descent operation.

    Any abnormality is detected, please request us to fix.
4. During initial operation, the vibration can be happened by friction (upon rising or falling). Then the vibration does not occur after repeat operation two or three times.