Test Drive of Hydraulic Unit


Donam's products are pre-tested and verified before shipping.


1. Pre-validation


① Check the primary voltage of the power supply and the motor are matching.

-  Verify and check the name plate and primary voltage.

-  △ 220 V motor can be used as Y 380 V.

② Check the motor wiring (See wiring diagram: attached to the inside of lid in the terminal block).
③ Check the tube of cylinder and hydraulic unit are connected.
④ To confirm once again that there is debris on the inside before placing oil in the tank. Donam's hydraulic unit is a white expoxy coated inside that can easily check the debris and moisture.

Ensure sufficient amount of oil in the tank (check with oil guage).


2. Test Drive – Be sure to check the above work is completed before test drive


① Make sure the person with more than two people is test driving after checking inside or out side (top) of elevator, then sending and receiving safety signals from the car and elevator. In particular, attention to the accident.

② Operate shut-off valve approximately 1~2 second after open the valve.

The direction of rotation of the motor is determined by the sound of motor and pump. If deafening, phase reverse occurs. Then swap the phase of the primary power source.


Note: Defening can be happened if a single-phase occurs. If still deafening, check voltage of each phase such as primary power, brake switch, magnetic switch, terminal block, and etc.
If the sound soft, it is operating normally.


③ Check the magnetization state of the solenoid during operating.

Note: Donam's solenoid voltage is DC 110 V.

④ Do not exceed the specified value to operation while watching the pressure gauge.

If the car does not go up when solenoid A is magnetized or delayed, adjust with referring to valve adjustment and elevator trouble shooting.


⑤ Make sure that drive with checking for whether the car is stuck on the guide rail or top of the car is hitting other parts while the car is going up in manual (low sped) drive.

⑥ Deflate inside air of the cylinder. The head flange of Donam's cylinder is designed to deflate easier and safer.

⑦ After going the elevator up to the top floor, check for any abnormality once more then, drive down (manual drive) to the bottom floor.


3. After manual drive is done, you may change to automatic drive (high speed) if no abnormality is found.


4. Please stop immediately and ask to Donam if any abnormality is occured or operation cannot be adjusted while test driving.

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